Sunday, February 15, 2009


I've been home for about a week now.  So far so good!  I got out to Bradley Mt. the other day.  Bradley's a 20 min drive from where I grew up.  It's not the best but sure isn't the worst.  It's my local spot.  The weather here's been great, sunny and in the 40's.  Nows the time to make a run for it since the weather always craps out.  I started off the day checking out this new boulder my dawg Burg's been telling me about.  It's a dope lil' one settled in the corner of an apple orchard.  There only a few lines on it but what's there is quality.  Below are some pics from the test piece of the boulder, Granny Smith.  It's a nice compression 7C with a cool pinch move at the end. 

After we session-ed the block for an hour, we moved on the the Graffiti Wall which is located at the main area of Bradley.  There a few test pieces here including The Book of Bitter Aspects.  The Book is a unrepeated 8b+ established by Dave Graham years ago.  I've been looking at this line since it was put up.  This time to my surprise it felt doable.  Meaning I could hang on the holds and move off them.  Its only two moves into a V8 high ball finish.  This is going to be my main objective in CT. until summer comes.  After I tried The Book I moved on to Busted Shadow, V11, which is a few feet to the right.  I surprised myself by doing it first try this year.  My Friend Greg captured the send a few moves in.  All in all it was a great first day back at my local boulders.


sock hands said...

bitta book, bitch. send it, phil! friggen crush it!

[i love you. we should be together]... oh,shit, i mean: "send it, dood!"

Jon said...

Way to rock the headband...BALLA