Thursday, February 19, 2009


Last Monday I went to Great Barrington with some friends

The day was perfect, sunny and temps in the 30’s.  We went to the Speed Boulder straight away.  For those that haven’t seen it let me say that it may be one of the best.  That’s right in the world.  Since I’ve been home I’m dying to get back here.  While we were warming up on some of the easier terrain of the boulder, I noticed that some big chunks were missing.  Someone must have removed the rock by force.  Kind of weird but whatever.  Then while I was re-aquatinting myself with the problems I saw again that some rock was missing.  This time on the mega classic Something From Nothing.  I know the hold very well and I’m confused as to why someone would yank the chalk stone out.  Resulting in the enlargement of the hold making the problem easier.  Not cool in my book.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe that during the opening of a boulder problem extensive cleaning is essential.  All loose/rotten/sharp rock should be taken down.  The chalk stone was neither rotten or sharp, maybe a bit loose but it still managed to withstand 10 or more assents.  Bummer someone ruined this stunning line.

After making sure that all the rest of the holds were still the same I started getting to work on Roses and Blue Jays.  A lovely line that starts with Something From Nothing and moves left out a blunt overhanging arete.  After figuring out the moves for the 100th time I began from the start.  5 or 6 tries later we all were itching to go to another boulder.  I gave it one last try and punted it on the top out.  Wanker!!!

Below are a few specimens of what the rock at Great Barrington looks like.

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