Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Beat....

After a 44 hour drive Nikki and I are back in Ct.  It's good to be home.  I'm a bit nervous about keepin' it trill out here.  Nasty weather is a big obstacle and it seams like this winter has been rough.  Our last days in Hueco weren't exactly the prime.  Highs in the 70's brought our motivation low.  We all managed to salvage a few problems.  Nikki finished off Girls of Texas, Burg took care of business on Power of Silence, opting to test his crack climbing skills on the end.  And I was sycked to get Bleeding Brothers done.  I tried Bleeding Brothers one afternoon last year and didn't have much luck with it then when the temps were good.  So heading up to it on the last day, 3rd day on in 70 deg temps, I wasn't expecting much.
After working out the moves I had my method and began giving it burns from the start.

I wasn't having much luck with the last move,

but I keep on trying without any success.  I was about to walk away when my mates from down under came around.  We were chilling out in the sun and I kept on trying since we were still there.  Over and over again I kept falling on the last move.  Frustrated I asked Webbie what he did for the end.  His beta was a bit different and seamed to work well but I still couldn't finish it off.  Everyone was getting ready to leave when a light bulb went off in my head. A minor change where I toe hooked, might give me what I needed.  So I gave it one last burn, got to the end move with the new toe hook placement, set the heal and hit the move.  The day was salvaged.  We all climbed a bit more that day and after we had a final dinner at El Posito with our mates, we hit the long road back here.  All in all this year in Hueco was fun even though it was the "winter of 60's"

Here is my spray list form Hueco,
Nagual V13/14
Crown of Aragorn V13
El Techo de los tres B V13
Diabloic V13
Bleeding Brothers V12
Chablanke V11/12
Le Cnickel V11
Litz Prolbem V11 
Schwhere Gustoff V11
Thearder of the Absured V10
Shroom V9 (Flash)

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