Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moving Dirt....

Since the comp I've been nursing a tweak in my right arm. I think it was a combo of playing basketball everyday for 2.5 weeks and then while I was warming up at the comp it tweaked out. The result was nothing serious (I think) but my right triceps have been numb for a couple of weeks. It's getting better every day and now since I've been landscaping it seams to be improving rapidly. I can't wait for the numbness to go away so I can get back on the court! Basketball has become my first choice for non-climbing activities.

Landscaping has been really nice to me, I've been working out by shoving dirt and at the same time sunbathing, actually more like sun cooking. I really enjoy working out side and the hard labor is whipping me into shape.

Other than doing work I've been glued to the TV watching the NBA Eastern and Western conference finals. I'd like to talk more about my team(s) but since this is a bipartisan blog I'll leave my comments to myself (don't want to loose any readers, hahaha.)

On an another note I'm expecting my friends from Dungeon Training to arrive here in Boulder any day now. Last time they were so happy to see me,

that I know this time is going to be off the charts...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lucky 13...

I think the last two big comps (this weekends included) I entered I ended up 13th. I hate it!!! I would love to be a consistent top 10 competitor. I have no strategy or routine for comps but lately, I'm thinking of trying some new techniques for the week, week and a half prior to a comp. I'll see if it pays off next time.

I've come across some pictures from my first road trip spring 2000.

I was 18 in these pictures and they were all taken in May, 2000 (I know they are hard to see, some of them are on facebook.)

This is an illustration that my bru`v Dan Yagmin gave me for a birthday present. Circa May 2000.

Funny how time files.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Battle...

The battle begins this weekend.

I was happy to receive an invite to compete in this weekends “Battle in the Bubble” comp. I’ve never had much success at comps but since the weather has been so wet I’ve been climbing on plastic more than usual. I hope this help’s me for Saturdays comp. Either way I am sure that the comp will be a great time.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

High Season...

Getting back to Boulder all I can think of is getting up to Evan's and RMNP. This could be my 6th season and even though I don't have much left I still cant wait to get up there. I just love being in the park, the hiking, scenery, and of course the climbing.

Since I'm starting to feel impatient I decided to make a throwback video from summer'08. All the footage is crap but it brings back good memories.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back Home...

Well a whole month has passed by since I left Boulder. Cali was fun I must say. Even though my main objective was helping my father I still climbed a lot. The Bay is great spot for that city life. Spending my time climbing in Oakland and the rest of the East Bay was exciting. Taking the train to climb and get around was fun. Although Oakland has its problems with crime, like all cities do, Oakland and the rest of the East Bay offer many great options for many great days spent. One of my regular stops out there was The Dungeon. It's a great woody nestled in quaint West Oakland.

I put together a little video of my favorite problems. The Dungeon 7C circuit...