Monday, May 17, 2010

Lucky 13...

I think the last two big comps (this weekends included) I entered I ended up 13th. I hate it!!! I would love to be a consistent top 10 competitor. I have no strategy or routine for comps but lately, I'm thinking of trying some new techniques for the week, week and a half prior to a comp. I'll see if it pays off next time.

I've come across some pictures from my first road trip spring 2000.

I was 18 in these pictures and they were all taken in May, 2000 (I know they are hard to see, some of them are on facebook.)

This is an illustration that my bru`v Dan Yagmin gave me for a birthday present. Circa May 2000.

Funny how time files.

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DWHY said...

Yeah Boi!!
F comps. Looks like a bunch of Stalone style jungle gym type shit! Nothing to do with rock climbing skills!
Nice effort either way!!!