Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Time...

Yesterday my wingman J.P. and I headed to Mt. Evans for a late afternoon sesh. As readers may remember the last time I went to Evans my finger looked like this.
Last time,

This time my finger looked like this,

Which means that I finished Ode,

J is unfortunately recovering from shoulder surgery and didn't get to climb. I finished off the day repeating some classics,

hopeing to get some training in for Hound Ears next weekend. Fall is here and the conditions are perfect.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Comb My Hair Like God...

Today I went to the park with my side kick Matt. We arrived to what looked like primo conditions.
Bear lake.

I wanted to finish off my project, the undone low start to Jamie Emerson's Mirkwood. Matt was keen on Mirkwood so off we went. The clouds backed off a bit as we made it to our destination. But there was still some snow in the air. I was close last time to sending the low start so after warming up I managed it second try.

I'm not one for re-naming a sit start or low start. But since everyone else does I'm naming it, I Come My hair Like God V12(maybe). I'm not sure about the grade. My gut tells me v11 but I don't want to be a sandbagger.

Matt was doing well on Mirkwood,

But then this got in his way,

Later we walked down to Top Notch, I had been trying this for a while now. I could never do the first move. After a beta discussion I was enlightened to a new way to do the first move. And it worked.

I was really happy to finish Top Notch. The name says a lot about the problem, it is one of the best, high caliber problems.

After a day like this lunch was well deserved,

Video of each problem coming soon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Last Day Of Summer...

I went up to the park this past Tuesday.
It just happened to be the last day of summer. From the picture it looks more like the first day of winter. It's ok though I know it's not over yet.

On the bright side my friends from Dungeon Training arrived,

They were sycked to see me and I predict the best of times to come.

Today I was blessed with the new Team shoe from 5.10,

I can't wait to climb in these. I'm also prediction that these shoes will become my new favorite.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Today my mates from Dungeon Training are arriving. They are making the trip from the Yay Area, driving out in style.

I'm very sycked to have the bro's out here. And just when the temps are dropping and the summer is ending.

Good form!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Yesterday I made my first trip of the season to Mt Evans. My bro's and I left early to ensure we'd get there before the sky's opened up on us. I had my mind set on finishing up Ode since I was close last year.

I was making good progress

I looked back to my last blog entry about Ode and came across this familiar image,

Kind of a bummer. Once I heal up I'll be back again. Hopefully with out another picture.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jade Video...

The Jade video is up.

Please visit