Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Time...

Yesterday my wingman J.P. and I headed to Mt. Evans for a late afternoon sesh. As readers may remember the last time I went to Evans my finger looked like this.
Last time,

This time my finger looked like this,

Which means that I finished Ode,

J is unfortunately recovering from shoulder surgery and didn't get to climb. I finished off the day repeating some classics,

hopeing to get some training in for Hound Ears next weekend. Fall is here and the conditions are perfect.


Janicki said...

Great work Phil! Keep up the crushing.

sock hands said...

pinto: the right hand man on so many hard colo ascents.

word to you both

sd said...

phil. you're killin it. come to flag and send my projects.

-sammy d.

Phillip Schaal said...

Hey Sam,

I'd love to. looks like you have some nice new boulders