Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Comb My Hair Like God...

Today I went to the park with my side kick Matt. We arrived to what looked like primo conditions.
Bear lake.

I wanted to finish off my project, the undone low start to Jamie Emerson's Mirkwood. Matt was keen on Mirkwood so off we went. The clouds backed off a bit as we made it to our destination. But there was still some snow in the air. I was close last time to sending the low start so after warming up I managed it second try.

I'm not one for re-naming a sit start or low start. But since everyone else does I'm naming it, I Come My hair Like God V12(maybe). I'm not sure about the grade. My gut tells me v11 but I don't want to be a sandbagger.

Matt was doing well on Mirkwood,

But then this got in his way,

Later we walked down to Top Notch, I had been trying this for a while now. I could never do the first move. After a beta discussion I was enlightened to a new way to do the first move. And it worked.

I was really happy to finish Top Notch. The name says a lot about the problem, it is one of the best, high caliber problems.

After a day like this lunch was well deserved,

Video of each problem coming soon.


sock hands said...

1. holy shit is that liverwurst and onions? takes me back to lunch out fishing with grandpa. are you a grandpa?

2. you are matt's sidekick, ADMIT IT NOW.


4. u r still a lil bish

pinto said...

best name ever

Kevin said...

I agree with Pinto.