Sunday, February 22, 2009


I suck, suck, suck, suck, and suck at competitios.  So what did I do this Saturday instead of taking advantage of the primo conditions outside?  Went to a competition.  I felt like I climbed well but was missing something and just gave up on making the finals, hoping to conserve some energy for this week.  Not to mention there was this tall drunk dude talking out of his ass the entire time,  distracting to say the least.  

Monday or Tuesday will be the only days that I'll be able to climb outside, the rest of the week I'll be setting for the Power Srtuggle 3,

which is at my home gym, Prime climb, in Wallingford, Ct. 

I suggest to anyone in the northeast to come.  We're going to have great problems, good music, beer and pizza.  And a mega party at the gym afterwards.  There will be a cash prize for men's and woman's open category and prizes for the rest.  People can sleep at the gym afterward if they become too wobbly to drive. 


slabdyno said...

pk is a dooshbag. nice job on the pink taped routes.

Phillip Schaal said...

Yeah one of the biggest.

I really liked that 920 one.