Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beastin' It

A lot has happened over the last week and a half here in the desert.  One of my dawgs from CT. , Dan , flew in on the fifteenth psyched to climb and also make the journey back east with us. Also joining the crew is Will, our friend from the Yay who arrived bringing with him an outstanding bunch of aussies , Dave, Teegan, and Chris. Crawling out from the back of his pick up this morning and armed with his Nikkon D487659807 is our newest addition, photographer Pete “Stingray” Mc Dermott. We have all  been knocking them doors down.  Chris got straight to rippin’ Hueco a new one by beasting both Diabolic and Slash Face , completing each in under twenty minutes. After recovering from a beat rotator cuff a few few months back, Dan came of the couch to make a quick ascent of The Feather.  Dave has also been on a roll, making a quick ascent of Sex after Death along with most of the North Mt. classics. The lovely ladies Nikki and Teegan are looking sharp on Sex After Death as well.  Will has also been getting at it , falling a hair short on Sex and looking very strong on Better Eat your Wheaties. I predict that both problems will be in the satch for Will quite soon. With the arrival of January twenty first we have been witness to a lot of good stuff happening. The Bush regime has finally left the oval office ,the Obama’s have safely made it in, and Diabolic went down. SILK.........

Keep an eye out for Pete’s photographs, and enjoy the video footage of various problems being sent!

Beastin' It from Phillip Schaal on Vimeo.

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