Wednesday, January 7, 2009


None of my Pj's would be complete without the fall at the last move burn.  It's frustrating but also comforting.  Like a lil' reassurance you're not in over your head.  The other day I had the "fall at the last move burn", on Nagual.  so I'm glad for the progress but frustrated I didn't finish.  I was just looking at the jug but I couldn't feel my finger tips,  punter!!!

After Nagual our tour moved over to East Mt.  Nikki wasn't climbing much and I was feeling spent after Nagual.  We were at the Crimping Christ boulder (which Ryan managed to satch up),  then we were on to the Dragon's Den.  Adam was keen to try The Butterpumper so we moved on the the Dark Heart.  Adam shortly made it through the bottom crux but, butterpumped out on the top out.  Next time.  I tried a few moves out for myself but saved myself for Le Chnikel, which is a dope roof next to The Butterpumper.  I fell on the top out the other day so I knew I could send.  I was tired but managed to make it through first try.  Unfortunately my "boys" were a bit ruffed up on the top out.

Then when we were packing it up for the day, Texas climbing legend Clayton Reagan, pulled on the The Butterpumper and climbed to the top.  Luckily I was there to catch the send which was at dusk so the footage is grainy.

Enjoy the video,

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Isaac Tait said...

Phil nice vid dood! Safe travels back to CT.

Isaac @ 5.10