Sunday, January 4, 2009

A lil' spray for the new year

For the past couple weeks things have been going smoothly.  I survived New Years without much damage, Nikki came back from CT, and I feel close to many a problem.  Now I need to consolidate and hopefully finish some of them off.  The one I'm closest to now is Nagual.  I'm weary talking about what I'm close to since in past blog posts I've fallen short of success on them.

All I can say is I hope I'll take care of business soon.

I was thinking, since I haven't had much to update about lately maybe I would release my tick list for 2008.  Its a bit vain I know but I'm not going to be on 8a anytime soon so how else can I spray about myself. 

So Here it is, all the boulder problems that made it into my little tick list book for 2008.

Fireball V10

Tool Shed Left V10

Friday the 13th V10

Guerillas in the Mist V10

Silverback V10

Hard Boiled V11

Elegant Universe V11

The Gobot V11

Left El Jorge V11

Dead Raccoon V11

Barbed Wire Beard V11

Bush Pilot V11

Super Gui V11

Skipper Roof Left V11

Bully V11

Pro Series V11

Nazgul V11

Wik’s V11 (flash)

Phallus V11/12

Low left Veratas V12

Clear Blue Sky V12

Mental Masturbation V12

Shadow Warrior V12

European Human Being V12

Wild Cat V12

Stranger in a Strange Land V12

Riddles in the Park V12

The Mystery V12

The Centaur V12

No More Greener Grasses V12

Dark Waters V12

Lockness Monster V12

Freshly Squeezed V12/13

Don’t get too Greedy V13

Nothing but Sunshine V13

Freaks of the Industry V13

The Automator V13

Direction V13

Crown of Aragorn V13

I just want to add one more thing and say thanks to anyone that has found there way to this blog.  I wish you all the best in 2009.


Neil said...

good to see you cranking hard phil......look me up if your back in NH anytime, you have some unfinished business up this way that im sure youll make quick work of


Chris said...

Sick year Ganga

I sent all staircases first try and projected a reverse escalator this year, Rent-A-cop fucked up my redpoint tho.........

And where' Nikki's Tick List???

see you back East


joey kindkid said...


Katie said...

Pretty sweat tick list. Nice work.