Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who's That Girl?

Really who is that girl?  Nikki has been gettin' after it lately.  The other day she hit her high mark, climbing Daily Dick Dose V7.  I'm so proud of all the hard work she's put into climbing.  Now she is starting to see the rewards of it.  Good job babe.

Watching Nikki climb her first V7 gave me a tremendous feeling .  I was more excited watching her succeed than the feeling I get when I succeed.  All of Nikki's hard work is paying off and it's reminded me of all the hard work I put into this sport.

When I was 15 I started going to the gym.  I was more interested in the hardware (harnesses, belay devices, chalk bags), than the actual climbing.  It showed too.  I sucked.  I couldn't do a single pull-up.  My friends burned me off with ease.  Soon there after I realized that I had zero natural talent for climbing and I needed to train.  First goal was to master the pull-up.  I asked my mom to buy me a pull-up bar.  Then I started jumping up to the top pull-up position (I had to jump since I couldn't use my arms to get me there), I would hold that position for as long as I could.  Working the negative force eventually gave me the strength to master the pull-up.  After the pull-up there were many things I had to work on and still I find myself looking for improvements.  What takes climbers starting out today to achieve, like bouldering V8 in a few years or maybe less than a year, would have taken me double if not triple the time. V5 took me 3 years, V8 took me 5, and 5.13 took me 4.

In the end the work has paid off and it will for anyone who is willing to suffer through it.

Now check out that girl.


Greg said...

Good Job Nikki!!!


sock hands said...

very cool to hear that climbing has not come easily for you, but that you've persevered... when punks flash v9 after 4 days climbing, it makes me want to rampage, then spontaneously combust.

nice on nikki's progression!

Justin said...

Sick Nickki!!

sander said...

hell yeah nikki. climbed it with grace too!