Sunday, November 15, 2009

Long Day...

So after driving in circles around Boston for three hours and going to the wrong gym, I finally made it to the comp (1.5 hrs late.) I dragged my mate Ty with me who has been busy with lots of school work and hadn't climbed but only twice in that last 3-4 months. We quickly secured our spots in the finals and then waited for the finals to start. Over all, the comp was fun and we had a good time. The final problems were a bit too power endurance for us since we are more accustom to powerful problems but non the less they were set well. I ended up getting 3rd and Ty was somewhere a spot or two behind me. Not bad mate considering, climbing in a pair of my shoes, sharing a chalk bag and climbing off the couch!

I'm not sure what's on my plate for the rest of my time here in CT. The weather look good for next week so I guess I'll see what happens.

I'm really excited to see 2012. THE END IS COMING SOON!!!

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