Friday, November 20, 2009


"The only constant in life is change." Some good advise my father instilled in me at an early age. I recently had some plans change and now I find myself back in CT for about a month. I am excited to be here since it was unexpected. Hopefully the weather will stay perfect for climbing.

So far the weather has been great. After a few nice days in Rumney I meet up with a friend yesterday at Bradley in my beautiful state of Connecticut. Knowing that climbing at Bradley is kind of a sensitive issue I'll say this. I grew up 20 min away and since the climbing there is risky I do what I can to stay under the radar.

With that said yesterday I was out with my friend shooting for his up coming video project. I was not feeling in top form, 3rd day on and with bruised tips from the previous two days on The Fly. After warming up lightly I ran a lap on Busted Shadow. Then gave The Book a few burn's. I surprised myself with a repeat. That was unexpected I thought, maybe I should give the low low start to Busted Shadow a try. I had done it last year and just need to practice the first move a bit. Then the next thing in knew I had repeated this one as well. Although just repeats I still felt very satisfied. Maybe staying around for a month will not be so bad.


tim said...

Hey Phil
Just saw the video of you doing Jade. Amazing job man! I think that while you're back east you might want to see some of our new projects in g.b.Some really really beautiful rock.Call me @ 413 329 5810 or mail me at .Be glad to give you a tour. can't beat the temps these days.Hope all is well.

Phillip Schaal said...

Hey Tim,

It's been a while. hope u have been well.

I'll definitely give you a call. I'm always sycked to check some new thing out.

Speak soon then,