Friday, November 13, 2009

The Dark Horse....

Tomorrow I will be going to the first competition of The Dark Horse series, which will be held at Metro Rock in Boston. My friend Dave Wetmore will be setting so the problems should be outstanding.

On a side note I want to explain why some comments were taken off my last blog post. I was unaware of a few access issues and I was politely asked to remove some of my comments concerning PA.

I would never remove a comment based of something I didn't like or found to be insulting. I love to get comments and encourage people to leave comments. They make the blog exciting for me.

I'm not sure how long my time in CT will be. I'm hoping to get in some outdoor climbing since it is November (the best month for conditions). Luckily the weather for tomorrows comp looks like pure hell (80% rain). Great day to be inside without sacrificing a nice day outside.


Unai said...

Phillip, from Spain, good luck!!
A muerte!

Phillip Schaal said...

Gracias mi amigo.