Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Smell them roses...

With a damp cold wet feeling in the air, Nikki and I decided to make a run for Great Barrington.  As we got closer the roads and trees looked wetter, but we'd all ready gone this far so there was no turning back.  I figured we would walk to the speed boulder to find it completely soaked.  To my surprise it was about 65% soaked and the holds on Roses and Blue Jays were relatively dry.  Finally the day I've been waiting for had arrived.  After changing my feet around for the last move I ended up with the send 3rd try today.  After that I tried the only other dry line on the boulder, The Speed Dyno.  And again after changing my feet from the ones that I had used for so many previous attempts, I make the send. 

The weather looks good for this weekend but its my lil' bro's 15th birthday so I might not make it out.

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Anonymous said...

probably my favorite problem on vimeo. looks like ridiculous fun.