Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yesterday my friends Neil, Dan, and I went bouldering in the Gunks.  The bouldering there is good but not the best in my opinion.  There are good lines to be climbed and I would recommend it to any one, but it’s a bit too sharp for me.  The Gunks is a trad climbers paradise.  Still, I was sycked to finish off a few problems.  First on the list was Venus and Scorpio, V11.  In my opinion this may be the best line at the Gunks, technical and powerful on side pulls and pinches.  Next was Crouching Dragon, V11.  Another one that for me is one of the best.  Roof climbing at its finest, when climbed correctly.  I’d been on both of these climbs before so I was lucky to get them done.  

Since there’s still feet of snow up north I predict a few more return visits to the Gunks, it’s not that bad.

Gunks from Phillip Schaal on Vimeo.

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