Monday, March 23, 2009


This past weekend I spent warping up a few PJ's from the past.  First off was this brilliant V11 down the road from Bradley, called The Owl's Layer Project.  This problem is very much like the Gobot in RMNP.  Obviously the rock is different but it shares some similarities, such as a hard start, to a easy middle, to a hard last move.  And there is a slab at your back for the first part and the middle.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures of this climb up soon.

On Sunday Nikki and I went to this amazing lil' area in Connecticut about a 30 min drive south of Great Barrington.  There are a few good established problems here and a few fa's left.  I was sycked to establish an old project of mine called the Hydro Cloud.  Its a cool roof with side-pulls and an amazing starting hold.  I can remember when I first tried this boulder many years back and thought it might be in the 8a+ range.  Coming back to it now, it felt more like like 7c.  Finally I wanted to wrap up this boulder called Quasimoto, v11.  Quasimoto is a nice mini problem on bullet rock.  I heard that a foot hold broke and was now harder but it still felt like v11 to me. 

All in all another nice weekend in New England... 

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Jakob said...

Hey Phil, where is hydro cloud in relation to quasimotto. Looks very nice.

Jakob (from GB)