Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last day in the East Side (for now)...

Bishops' time is coming to an end.  The daytime high's have been in the mid 70's everyday.  Just not good enough!  There were 3 days of good conditions in the beginning.  Climbing hit a high point then.  Unfortunately for the last couple of weeks our days have been spent waiting for the end of the day in hopes of cold conditions.  We busted out the lanterns a few times without much luck.  All in all, holding out for the last hour of the day every day has left us unmotivated.  So the end result of all that banter is, The Swarm didn't go.  When it was cold I thought I might be able to lock it down but in the end I couldn't.  Next time.   I think The Swarm also hurt my right pinky finger.  It doesn't hurt too bad, just feels inflamed on the top side of the knuckle.  At least we've been chillin' with some cool peeps', Mark and Tilly from Down Unda.  Great job Tilly on the FFA of Stained Glass (with a nasty bloody split tip, respect).  And my homeboy from the Yay Area, Will.  

Nikki and are leaving for the Yay on Sunday.  We're planning on spending a couple of weeks, chillin' with family and friends, and training in the dungeon.  From there we're planning a return visit to Bishop then on to Hueco.

Here is a video of my best effort on The Swarm and my consolation prize, The Mystery.

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