Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still In SLC...

After my last post I figured my next one would be from Ibex or Bishop but no, we are still in SLC.  Nikki and I have been having a great time hanging with our friends and family.  We were dead set to leave on Sunday but the forecast for Monday looked fair and I wanted one more chance to climb my nemesis, Bully.  I've tried Bully many days on visits during the summer when temps were up in the 90's.  Dumb I know but the problem is so classic in my mind that I kept going back.  So to make a long and drawn out story about my time spent trying to climb this problem short, I'll break it down like this.  5 days over two summers enduring 90+ deg. heat plus two ok days this time around is what it took me to complete bully.  A huge weight is now off my back.

Here is the video of the ground breaking accent (hahaha).



sander said...

jeah phil schaal. nice one.

Katie said...

That thing is so powerful. It is crazzy dynamic, nice send.