Monday, December 1, 2008


Nikki and I have been in the Bay for a week now visiting my Dad and climbing a bit.  In my  last post I mentioned that I had a weird feeling in my pinky.  Sadly the feeling is still there so I've had to tape the whole finger (to the point where I can't bend it) every time I climb.  This might be my first finger injury.  I hate to admit this but I think its true.  The plus side is that it is just a pinky and I can still train and climb.  Now I just have to pay close attention to my finger.

The other day my friend Will, Nikki, and myself drove to Donner Summit to check out the Saddle Boulders.  I had been there before but not since 2001 so I was keen to see what new problems had been established.  The day was perfect, cold in the shade and kind of warm in the sun.  The rock was sticky as shit in a blanket and we all ended up having a nice day.  Will finished out the day by firing The Hobo (well done!) and the highlight for me was flashing this great V11 called Wik's Problem (or The Hobo Direct).  

Here is the video,

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