Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Rootz...

Everyone remembers their first's.  Maybe that first 5.10 or V4 whatever it was it will always be special to you.  When I started climbing bouldering was not as popular as today so I didn't start bouldering until I was climbing for a few years.  After I finally gave into bouldering 100% I needed to get strong and Indian Rock in the Berkley Hills was the place.  Indian Rock is less that a good place by todays standards but it was all that I had for outside climbing.  On top of the sharp rock, most of the problems are eliminates.  Either way Indian Rock tough me how to get strong on pure will.  

Below is a video of me climbing my first V5 called The Snatch.  It took me about a month to get the one move-er done.  The next one is the Super Snatch a V7, that one took me two summers to do.  And finally, Stone Face V7, which was my first V7 (at the time I thought it was V8 though), which I did on my last day in Cali for that year.  These problems are very special to me even if some of them are eliminates. 


Now Nikki and I are driving to Hueco.  We stopped in Redlands, Ca yesterday to say hello to the guys at Five Ten and check out the operation.  Isaac was really nice and gave us the grand tour, thanks Isaac for a great visit.

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