Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hueco-4, Phil-0

After a few weeks punting in Hueco Nikki and I decided to leave. We were so home sick! We drove back to Boulder just in time for me to catch a ride to Winter OR. My good friend and Himalayan veteran Dave Watson (also from the glorious state of Connecticut) was driving to Salt lake from his current residence, Minneapolis MN. Dave showed up at 11:30 Thursday night and after a few hours of sleep we hit the road at 4 A.M. We spent the next few days at the trade show doing trade show things. Very exhausting! After the show we stayed in Salt Lake and skied a day at Alta. I had a blast hanging with Dave's friends. And even got my first face shot, as skiers call it.

Now I'm back Boulder and have a loose plan to rest until after Super Bowl. We'll see if I can hold out that long.

I would recommend any readers of my blog to check out Dave's site

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Dave said...

I might have actually met Dave W climbing in Smugglers' Notch like 4 years ago. Ask him if he remembers climbing with the Ottawa crew. Himalayas eh?! Geeze.

Man, time flies!