Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year...

I know I'm a bit late. Nikki and I are shacked up in a hotel without any internet. So far I've spent the beginning of 2010 trying to regain fitness that I lost over the holidays. We are here in Hueco now so that won't be to hard to do.

With the new year I'm going to post my tick list for 2009,

Theater of the Absurd V10

The Speed Dyno V10

True Bleau V10

Golden rows of Flows V10

Crusher V10

Slider Sit V10

Hot-n-Tot V10

Hydro Cloud V10 (fa)

Slice V10 (fa)

The Romper Room V11 (fa)

Forbidden Forest V11

The Puke Traverse V11 (fa)

Quasimoto V11

Owl’s Layer Proj V11

Crouching Dragon V11

Venus In Scorpio V11

Litz problem V11

Chablanke V11

Le Chinkle V11

Satan’s Choice V11

I Comb My Hair like God V11 (fa)

Random Man V11

God Module V11

Trinity V11 (fa)

Bleeding Brothers V12

Serendipity Moment V12

Devil Eyes V12

Super Prowers V12

3rd Story Man V12

Chinese Connection V12

Don’t Worry be Snappy V12

Pterodactyl V12

The Book of Bitter Aspects V13

Double Down V13

Nagual V13

El Techo V13

Diabolic V13

Dan’s Moment V13

Roses and Blue Jays V13

Agent Orange V13

The Chelsea Smile V13

Top Notch V13

Free Range V13

Ode to The Modern Man V14

Jade V15

Hopefully the next time I post up I will have some good news from Nikki or myself.


Chris said...

Man you shouldn't post a tick list til you have racked up a few hard problems, I suggest 2010 be dedicated to the black boulder on the carriage road exclusively.
I have a good feeling with hard work and some "gumption" you may send!

seriously dude sick list for 2009
big up to sugar foot


Anonymous said...

holy shit man you've been tearin it up. 2010 should be so so amazing

Taylor said...