Friday, January 15, 2010


After a week and a half I still have nothing to show for my time in Hueco.

Here I am trying to ascend Sunny Side Up. Sunny Side is a cool climb that climbs some uncool rock. The moves are fun and when I get back to Hueco I'm excited to finish it off. Which leads me to my next bit of information. I'm in The Bay for the weekend for a family reunion. My Mom and Dad will see each other after only 20 YEARS! I'm so happy to be able to see my Mom and Dad in the same room. Not to mention Josef (my other dad) and my brother Billy is here too.

I'm planning on growing some skin while I'm here in The Bay. But what is a visit to The Bay without a stop at The Dungen!

Yes fukin Yes!!!!

On a side note the video of Trinity is up.

Check for the video titled, Three to Remember for the footage.

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ww said...

fukin yes!! Dungeon! conn vid is fukin rad