Friday, September 3, 2010


It's been raining here for the last three days. Kind of a bummer since I didn't go to the Gramps in fear of rain, but not so bad actually. A number of big caves offer dry rock and good weather starts tomorrow and stays until I leave.

Yesterday I met up with Dave to check out this huge cave, Sunnyside.

Sunnyside is home to 3 lines that are each quite hard. Dave and I started working on Combat wombat, V11 (the easiest.) Shoulder moves lead to a cool toe hook bump section.

Dave sent!

I was close, falling at the jug. Then figuring I'd finish it another time or later in the day. I prematurely moved on the the burly line to the right. Chris's recently opened One Of A Kind. I was figuring out the crazy moves and by the time the light was to dim to keep trying, I figured I'd give Combat Wombat a send go. No chance! I was knackered and didn't come close. In hindsight I wish I stuck to finishing one before moving onto another. Now I double the work ahead of me.

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