Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My first trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was in the summer 0f '01.  Much as changed since then but I still get the same feeling when I look up at Chaos Canyon.  Over the years my motivation for climbing has shifted from bouldering, trad climbing and sport climbing.  For the last year I've been bouldering most of the time.  I have managed a few routes but bouldering has been the frontrunner for me as of now.

So today much like most days this summer my girlfriend and I headed to the park for the afternoon.  The conditions were prime windy but not too cold.  The objective for me was to finish off the Automator which I did successfully.  
After The Automator Nikki, my girlfriend, decided to head over to this nice problem called Geeks of the Industry.  Nikki was looking good and she will probably do it soon.  I was lucky enough to get my send of The Automator on video and I'll have it uploaded as soon I can.  

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