Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rainy Days

It's been raining for the last two days here in boulder, snowing in the higher elevations.  The end of the park season is near.  I headed up to Mt. Evans with some friends on friday.  It was cloudy and cold in boulder with a bit of rain as well.  But as we kept driving higher and higher the clouds turned into blue sky and I knew that we were going to have prime conditions.  I was planning on climbing Ode to the Modern Man but got shut down by a split tip within 30 minutes.  

So that was that for me on Ode.  I desperately hope to get another day on it before Nikki and I leave Boulder.  After getting shut down I decided to get as much mileage as I could.  I moved over to Clear Blue Sky, a outstanding crimper problem, which my friends were working on.  I had done Clear Blue earlier this summer and was pleased to get a repeat on it.  Sander also make quick work of it.  Nice job mate.  After Clear Blue I went down to this problem called Silverback.  Silverback is one of those slopey lip problems, definitely not my style but since I like to work my weaknesses it was on my list.  I had tried it my previous trip to Evans and after a few goes I was on the top.  The last problem I wanted to try was Guerillas in the Mist.  Its a bit lowball but has a cool feature.  Slopers and heel hooks is the key for it and again after a few goes figuring out the top moves I was standing on top.  All in all the day was great, cold and windy but that means that the snow is coming soon.  Hopefully not though.  Here is some footage from the day.


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