Sunday, July 17, 2011


It’s rough coming back to reality after an international trip. Even rougher when that trip was amazing. Coming back from South Africa is no exception. Truly amazing. Our five week trip to The Rocklands was one of our best. Our time was filled with great people, beautiful landscapes, and delicious food. And the boulders. I cant even begin. All I can say is next time, five weeks is not enough.

I climbed many classic V11 and V12’s. Some of my favorites were Golden Virginia, Witness the Sickness, The Amphitheater, Shosholoza, and Steak House. My best efforts were on, Ray of Light, El Corazon, and Amandla.

I cant wait to get back!

Here is what I climbed on my trip.

Stretched and Pressed (flash) 7c+
Golden Virginia 8a
Pendragon 8a
Green Mamba (flash) 8a+
Shosholoza 8a+
Panama 8a
Pinotage (flash) 7c+
Paula Abdul 7c+
Witness the Sickness 8a
Black Shadow 8a+
Ray of light 8b
Armed Response 8a+
Steak House 8a+
Royksopp 8a
Amandla 8b+
El Corazon 8b
The Amphitheater (flash) 8a+

I captured most on video and will be posting soon.


taylordelench said...

hell yeah can't wait

Eloise Tencher said...

Amazing photos, amazing place and amazing YOU.

Z. said...
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