Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hound Ears...

Post savage climbing day.

Hound Ears was lot of fun. A lot of sharp holds and many problems left me brutalized.
I think I may have ended up 4th which is cool since every problem I did was new for me. And all were done with 5 split tips. One tip had 3 splits on it WTF!!!

The hardest one I climbed was called Random Man V11,

Thanks to Dave Wetmore for the stills. And check out www.meaning2memorize.com for Max making the 2nd ascent and me having a nice freak out. Just one of many I had during the day. I know I'm a P. Ham.

All jokes aside the comp was great and I would tell anyone to go. The organizers did a great job and if I'm around next year I'll be there.

A report from the CO high country is that a fresh foot+ has fallen. This may be the end of season but you never know what will happen up there. It could be 80 deg. tomorrow.


Unai said...

HI. Yesterday I saw your send of Jade, very nice.
all the best

Jordan said...

Hey Phil,

Had no idea the you were doing the Triple Crown!!! Don't you remember that Im out here in South land? The Virginia Tech Climbing Club (of which I am a part) was at the comp, and I think they plan on being at the next one too.

If you are going to be there you should get my number from Nicky and give me a call, maybe I can make it.