Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mike Tyson loves Cus D'mato....

I've been in Boulder for about 2 weeks now. Everything has been going quite well. Climbing in the park and setting up our lovely apartment has been nice. The other day I watched a great documentary called Tyson.
I know most people do not like Iron Mike but for me growing up in the 80's there was no other boxer like him and still probably today. The world of boxing is cut throat-ish and in Tyson The Movie, Mike's story is told directly from him. In the end you can't help feeling bad for him. He was a great fighter probably the best of my generation but his struggles with insecurity and rage got the best of him. It's a great movie to watch for people that still admire Tyson or who just want to be entertained.

So other than watching and writing movie reviews I've been climbing too, mostly in the park. There is no other place that I want to be right now (other that Europe.) I've been climbing on many different problems and after a few weeks of hiking and getting used to the rock I'm starting to feel better. Hopefully that means success is on the horizon.

Here are a few pictures that my mate Sander took the other day,

Me trying,

and Ty sending (again),

Top Notch.

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adam strong said...

i just got a sweet mike tyson t shirt!!!