Saturday, July 18, 2009

We Have Arrived...

After 3 days of driving
and one day of apartment seeking, Nikki and I made it to Boulder and found a great place to live.
I couldn't be happier. Although I haven't felt in-tune with climbing I'm sure once I get back from the trade show all will fall into place. Since arriving to Boulder I've had a few sessions at The Spot (which were lackluster,) in preparation for the Mammut Bouldering Competition. I don't have any expectations since my competition record is pure shit. I just want to feel good and climb my best, which seems far away at the moment. I'm excited for the end of Summer/Fall season up in RMNP, once I return to Boulder. After the trade show I will be spending some time with my Father. Since he lives in the Yay Area I'm sure there will be some climbing involved too.

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