Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome all haters....

After last week house painting I was happy to escape to the Gunks this past Saturday.  Burg and I met up with friend Paul Jung and set off to find this lone roof problem.  

This roof sits alone a 30 min walk from the car.  It hosts one of the best roof problems in the North East called The Forbidden Forrest, V11.  

I've wanted to climb on this roof ever since Dosage 5 featured it in one of the segments.   After a strong flash run I figured some shizz out and made a nice second try ascent.  After the roof we went over to another area where Burg flashed this dope V9 arete then we both made quick work of this savage lil, V10 called The Boston Tea Bag Party.

As the hot weather creeps up the rough rock at the Gunks still feels climbable. 

Paul was a great guide for the day and did one better by making a quick movie containing all the ascents named above.  Check 

With a month before Nikki and I make a second run at Boulder CO. I'll be busy trying to get things ready, my updates may be a bit sparser but i'll do my best to stay up to date.



sock hands said...

line looks good. word

DWHY said...

Yo we didn't "meat" up with Paul.

Phillip Schaal said...

Yes professor,

I'm stupid as you already know...